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The Green Meanies: how irrational and anti-science environmentalists impede their own cause.

During our March GC Skeptics in the Pub, environmental scientist Jonas Larsen presented on his recent publication in the Skeptic Magazine.

He discusses some of the most prominent myths in the environmental movement and how they are working against their own cause, from organic food and GMOs, to energy and sustainable farming.

As with all things in life, nothing is that simple. At a time when we are all concerned about our impact on the environment and climate, Jonas' talk is definitely worth a listen. I leave you with the summary of his talk, because I honestly cannot think of a better way of putting it:

"When you’re dealing with the extremely important issue of environmental conservation, there is no room for ideological thinking. Valuing logic, rationality, and evidence on behalf of the planet instead of ideology would only optimise the environmental movement, conservation and environmentally conscious choices." - Jonas Larson

Listen to Jonas' talk: click here

Slides: click here


About the speaker

Mr Jonas Larsen

Environmental scientist, Renew Solutions Jonas Larsen is an environmental scientist working for Renew Solutions, a stormwater management company located on the Gold Coast, Australia. He has a keen interest in the effects of organic amendments on native Australian plants, soil remediation and carbon sequestration.

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