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Weight loss maintenance: a look at habits

During January's GC Skeptics in the Pub, Dr Gina Cleo talked about her PhD findings and the relationship between habits and weight loss.

We all know that diets don't work, at least in the long term. We have heard over and over how healthy eating needs to be a "life style" not a short term fix. In fact, even habits that have nothing to do with diet can impact on our calorie intake (and what we are concerned with here is excessive and unhealthy calorie intake). We all know that drone of the week life, and we may not even be realising we are consuming excess calories, because it's habit. A change in routine, a change in habit, could have an impact.

Sure, have the burger and fries, but if we find that we are consuming said burger and fries every time we drive home, hey maybe that's not the healthiest habit and maybe it's time to change something.

And while physically speaking not all of us will be "model thin", nor should we be aiming to be; however, a close look at our own habits and some mindfulness, will ensure we have healthy eating habits, which are likely to have an impact on our weight. And if they dont, aces, you're still eating healthy and that's all that matters!

Listen to Gina's talk: click here

Slides: click here


About the speaker

Dr Gina Cleo

Research Fellow, Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice; Teaching Fellow, Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine Bond University Dr. Gina Cleo is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Research Fellow at the Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice, at Bond University. After working clinically in various hospitals and in private practice, she completed a PhD in long-term weight loss maintenance, where she implemented habit-based (non-diet-or-exercise) interventions to help achieve sustained weight loss. Dr. Cleo is recognised as the only Australian researcher in habit-based interventions for long-term weight loss maintenance. Although she is in the first year of her academic career, her research has featured in over 130 media outlets, reaching over 4 million people.

Twitter: @drginacleo


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