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Understanding Quantum Mechanics in the Shadow of a Single Atom

During November's GC Skeptics in the Pub, Dr Eric Streed from Griffith University tells us about how his team took the first ever photo of a shadow of an atom. While this is amazing in itself (I mean it's a freakin' atom! And we humans not only took a photo of it but also it's shadow!), one may wonder "what's the point?".

Well, these kinds of activities have further out understanding of quantum mechanics which have direct applications in computing and increasing computing security, lead to the development of new materials and technologies that are required to conduct the experiments (like super thin accurate and cost effective lenses).

Listen to Erik's talk: click here

Slides: click here - don't freak out that it takes you to Google Drive; the slides are full of amazing photos so the file was too large to upload the usual way.


About the speaker

Dr Erik Streed

Senior Lecturer, Centre for Quantum Dynamics & Institute for Glycomics, School of Environment and Science, Griffith University

Dr. Erik Streed is Senior Lecturer at Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus, noted for being the first person to take a photo of an atom's shadow! He was also the first physicist appointed the Gold Coast and in 2011 he received the Queensland Young Tall Poppy Science Award from the Premier. Dr. Streed received his BSc in Physics from the California Institute of Technology, with senior thesis work at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and his PhD in Physics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology working with Prof. W. Ketterle (Nobel 2001) on Bose-Einstein condensate, an ultracold quantum state of matter. Now he is a member of the Institute for Glycomics and the Centre for Quantum Dynamics and he is interested include Quantum Thermodynamics, Quantum Information, and adapting techniques from these fields to developing new techniques towards solving problems in chemistry and biology.

Twitter: @PhysDownUnder

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