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Holistic Dentistry - poppycock or panacea?

During April's GC Skeptics in the Pub, Michael Foley take us on a journey through the not-so-wonderful world of woo that has infiltrated dentistry. From rectal ozone gas, to tooth meridians, homeopathy and the healing power of light, Michael discusses the evidence (or lack there of) behind these holistic dentistry practices.

Listen to Michael's talk: click here

Slides: click here


About the speaker

Dr Michael Foley (Senior Lecturer, Public health dentistry, The University of Queensland)

Michael graduated as a dentist from the University of Queensland in 1982. He is currently Director of Research and Advocacy for Metro North Oral Health Services after spending six years as Director of Brisbane Dental Hospital in the CBD. Michael holds Masters degrees in Public Health and Epidemiology, and is currently studying for a PhD in dental public health through the University of Adelaide. He was Queensland President of the Australian Dental Association in 2005, and lectures occasionally at both the University of Queensland and Griffith University.

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