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Skeptics: Promoters of science, skepticism, rationality, critical thinking and secular humanism.



Gold Coast Skeptics Inc. (local branch of the Australian Skeptics Inc.) is an evidence-based organisation run by volunteer members.

The Skeptics encourage thoughtful, rational exploration of the world around us. The Skeptics are keen to promote scientific education and a sense of wonder in the natural world.

The Skeptics encourage people to think carefully and seek appropriate evidence before coming to a conclusion on any issue. From health, science, and technology to history, politics, and social sciences - critical thinking (or skepticism) can be universally applied.

We welcome people from all walks of life to join us and encourage a society that makes decisions based on evidence, reason and critical thinking.


Left to Right: Sarah Webb (Secretary), Casey Shannon (Treasurer), Paulie Stehlik (President)

Committee Members

Paulie Stehlik (President), Casey Shannon (Treasurer),

Sarah Webb (Secretary)

Advisory Committee: John Piere, Mandy-Lee Noble, Marina Malenovic.

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